Guide Dogs: Name A Puppy

Name a Puppy and become a part of their life changing story.

A name is the first gift that a guide dog receives. Whether in memory of a loved one or a name that has inspired you. This gift will give a very special puppy a very special story that we can share with all of you who became a part of this charitable event.

Why help the guide dogs?

It costs over £5,000 to breed and puppy walk each guide dog puppy. The lifetime cost of which is over £55,000. With your help, the guide dogs organisation can transform the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted. 

Visit the official Guide Dogs website to read more about how the donation benefits the puppy and about the organisation

Role of The Barking Bakery

On Friday 17th December we will be participating in a charity Santa Paws Glo'-Walkie. The walk is FREE but all donations to the Guide Dogs would be much appreciated.

We have also organised our infamous Santa Paws Grotto where we are donating a percentage of our proceeds to the Guide Dogs.

How can you help the Guide Dogs directly?

We have set us a JustGiving page for the Guide Dogs where you can donate directly to them through the link below. 

JustGiving Donation Page


Scan the QR code below

From The Barking Bakery Team and Guide Dogs, 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations.

Together we can change a life.